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The Unusual and Unique way The Guess Who? Found Their Name

It took a while before ‘The Guess Who?’ were able to find the right record label that could give them the attention and dedication they needed before blowing up in the early 70s.  But through the trial periods of multiple managers and record labels they were able to establish their band name.

During an interview on ‘The Scene’ in 1974 Bert Cummings tells the story of how ‘The Who?’ Got their name. 

“ It was a Promotional gimmick thought up by Septor Records in 1964 or 1965 when ‘Shaken All Over’ was released during the British boom, and if you weren’t from London or England you just wouldn’t get your records played. The Company thought they should put the name as Guess Who and a question mark.” 

Well it worked because no one knew who the ‘Guess Who?’ were creating a stir and eventually being becoming a top 20 song nationally. With this new-found success the record company decided to add ‘The’ to the begging, and thus we have ‘The Guess Who?’ The Canadian Rock band had made their dent and established themselves in the rock genre.  


Source:Youtube Real Good 

Image: CBC radio