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Do Toto Band Members Like ‘Africa’ Memes?

“Walked into CVS and forgot to pick up my antidepressants because ‘Africa’ by Toto was playing and I completely forgot about my mental illness.”

“My killer: Any last words? Me: Alexa, play ‘Africa’ by Toto.”

“If you play ‘Africa’ by Toto at exactly 11:58:33 p.m. on December 31st, the first “I bless the rains down in Africa’ will play at exactly midnight. Start off your New Year right.”

These are just a few of the memes that  “Africa,” the 1982 pop song by American rock band Toto, has inspired. The internet’s interest in the ’80s hit has catapulted the song to the top of the charts and into the forefront of millennial humor.

But how do the members of Toto feel about their decades-old song becoming a slightly satirical meme for the avocado toast-obsessed?


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