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Betting on Sports May Now Be Legal!

House and Senate Democrats in Massachusetts finally reached an agreement early Monday on a bill to legalize betting on professional and college sports.

“I am proud to announce that the Sports Betting Conference Committee has reached an agreement on legislation that will legalize wagering on professional and collegiate sports in Massachusetts, bringing the immense economic benefits of a legal sports betting industry to MA,” House Speaker Ron Mariano tweeted just after 5 a.m.

So when will people be able to start wagering on games at casinos and on their phones?

Monday’s deal is a big step forward in a long, stalled process. The bill now heads to Governor Charlie Baker. He has 10 days to approve or reje”What they’re saying this morning on Beacon Hill is that this could be up-and-running in time for the start of football season,” Keller said.

Sports betting is already legal in more than 30 states, including Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York. Baker, who first proposed a sports wagering bill in 2019, said there’s plenty of evidence that Massachusetts residents have been driving over the border to place bets.

“I’ve said before that with all that’s going on in other states and especially the ones around us with regard to sports betting, it’s important for us to pass legislation and legalize it here,” Baker said back in April.