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Bad Blood Between Elton John and Prince Harry?

Prince Harry has kicked off 2023 with new releases. Along with his new Netflix docuseries where him and Meghan Markle invite cameras into their home, Prince Harry has also released his autobiography, Spare. In this biography Prince Harry opens up after losing his mother Princess Diana, The Royal Family, his marriage and friendships.

To everyone’s surprise Prince Harry never mentions Elton John. It’s no secret the Sir Elton John and Princess Diana had a close friendship, Elton John even performed at her funeral. Since then Elton John and Prince Harry blossomed a friendship which was pretty public, so what happened?

Turns the two had a falling out in France while on vacation at Elton John’s home. 

It appears that Harry voice concerns when he found out Elton John had sold some information which was then turned into headline lies in exchange for money from the British media. Suffice to say it’s hard to fix a friendship after that.