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The MTBA installing urine sensors in elevators!

Yes you read that headline correctly…

Beginning in August, the MBTA will be launching a program where urine sensors will be installed in a few downtown Boston elevators to avoid having dirty, smelly and unsanitary elevators. The sensor will alert a cleaning crew who will then go and clean the affected elevator. 

How does this technology work? Well Megan Collins, the Program & Project manager for the MBTA said this “The sensors on the ceiling of an elevator have an attached fan, which allows them to suck in air and basically smell what is present.” 

Boston isn’t the first city to take action on this sanitary issue that big cities face, Atlanta launched the same program in 2013 and resulted in success. MBTA will begin this project in August and will collect data until the end of the year. 

“Public urination is not only unsanitary but can also damage elevators,” -Megan Collins. 

Source: Boston transit agency to try urine sensors on elevators