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Madonna Going On Tour Soon?!

Legendary and iconic entertainer, Madonna is a who has been performing since the early 1980s, has captivated audiences around the world with her iconic songs, incredible stage performances, and her crazy social media videos, has announced a tour for this summer!

Celebration Tour was literally brought to the table when, comedian Amy Schumer dared Madonna to go on tour: “Madonna, I dare you to do a world tour and play your greatest mother f***  hits.” – Amy Schumer. Clearly, the challenge has been accepted. 

Madonna shared a reel of said dinner party on her Instagram and TikTok. Attendees included DJ Diplo, rapper Lil Wayne, comedian Amy Schumer, actor Jack Black, and many others.

Madonna’s tour promises to be even bigger and better than her previous tours. So far it’s been announced that Madonna will be performing in North America and Europe.

This tour is for sure going to be filled with her classic hits “40 decades” as Madonna put it in her reel on socials. Just based off of Madonna’s social media postings we can say that her fans are in for a treat.