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Who is Madonna’s New Boyfriend?!

We can all agree the Madonna lately has completely done a 180 from her radical change of looks to her crazy social media postings.

But what takes the cake is her list of recent boyfriends include a 28 year-old-singer, and even younger a 23- year-old and now a 29-year-old boxer!

Earlier this week Madonna has shared a picture on her Instagram story of her and her new boxer, Josh Popper. The ‘Like a Virgin’ singer shared a picture of the couple kissing and captioned ‘Killers who a parting.’ 

Over the past few years the pop star has been appealing to a younger and younger generation, maybe this is another way of her doing just that. Alongside with that the 64-year-old has also announced that she will be on tour soon. 

The pop star shared a reel on her Instagram where, comedian Amy Schumer dared Madonna to go on tour: “Madonna, I dare you to do a world tour and play your greatest mother f***  hits.” – Amy Schumer. To which Madonna ultimately agrees.